Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Traverus Lauches New Travel Products

This is a very new and exciting time here with Traverus travel. Starting in December Traverus will be adding on some new and exciting products to complement our travel business thanks to David Manning our President & CEO of Traverus Travel. David has bought into a manufacturing company that already produces travel related products for well known companies like Walmart, Neiman Marcus, and others

Our new products line is call Verus. These awesome products are only designed to enhance your travel experience. To be used as you prepare to travel and improve the way you feel while you travel.

Please note that in know way this products will take away are main focus which is TRAVEL. As I mention before it intent purpose is to enhance your travel experience .

Verus Charge - Just add a small powered package in your water, to provide you with more natural energy.
"Verus Charge" is a quality source of energy to replace the monster drinks, Coffee, Red Bull, etc. that people are already drinking.
As people plan their vacation, they may avoid certain types of travel because of their lack of energy. "Verus Charge" is designed to help increase your energy so you will be able to enjoy all types of active vacations.

Verus Immune - It is a well known fact that travel effects your PH balance. Many people avoid travel because of the issue they have with motion sickness and jet lag.
This is a very common condition that can be easily controled. "Verus Immune" sold in a 4 product Travel Pack boosts your immune system to offset these symptoms.
Many TraVerus Agents witnessed the results "Verus Immune" could have on people during a recent Caribbean Cruise. Agents with motion sickness were given a sample bottle of Versus Immune, one of the new TraVerus Travel Products, to try during the cruise. Only two drops under the tongue each morning and there wasn't a problem for them, the rest of the trip.

Verus Cleanse - Many people have concerns of the effect that travel has on their skin. Traveling to different countries with different climates can have a great effect and dry out a persons skin.
This "Verus Cleanse" gel, sold in a 4 product Travel Pack can have an instant relief to your skin. A must for the active traveler.

Verus Flaunt It - This is a high tech facial product with 24K gold ingredients which strengthens the skin and removes wrinkles.
This youth serum brings the glow to your face that radiates a positive mental attitude. Your skin will look and feel great during your next vacation!

Verus Lose It - We all want to look our best on vacation. And some people do not vacation because of their weight appearance.
With "Verus Lose It" (in both a day time and night time supplement) a person can lose that weight, giving them more energy and health benefits to go on vacation and not be afraid to wear that bathing suit at the beach.

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